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Updated: Friday, December 14, 2018

Why Do Lenders Sell Loans?
Written By: David Reed

When you first work with your loan officer very early on in the process, yoursquo;ll soon establish a trusting >Soon thereafter, yoursquo;ll receive payment information indicating where you need to make your payments. And for most funded loans, yoursquo;ll also receive another letter informing you the lender you originally worked with has just sold your loan to someone else. Someone yoursquo;ve never worked with before and even to a company yoursquo;ve never heard of. What happened to that >Amon...

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The Tell Tale Signs it is Time to Sell Your Residential Property
Written By: River City Conveyancing

Insufficient Living Space - A growing family, for example, would require more living space as the children grow and if one of your kids doesnrsquo;t have a room they can study in, perhaps it is time to upgrade. This would typically arise for a newly married couple around 10-12 years in the future, and this time is enough to ensure that their financial status supports the upgrade.If you are looking to upgrade, be sure to find a suitable contractor who will offer a fair rate. Canrsquo;t Afford Th...

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17 Ways to Increase Your Storage Space
Written By: Connie Adair

1. Between the studsPut the space between studs to work by tucking open display shelves into walls. They donrsquo;t have to be outdated arched niches. Create clean rectangles or squares. To keep things looking tidy, add doors on the front. Or use piano hinges to mount artwork so it can swing open to reveal hidden storage space. You can even recess narrow drawers into the space.2. Nothing wasted, something gainedUse space that otherwise would be wasted. Under the stairs is a perfect example. For ...

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Should You Decorate with the Color of the Year?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Staying on trendIf yoursquo;re getting ready to sell your home, or if you simply love to be on the forefront of trends, using the Color of the Year is a great place to start. Of course, you may not want to splash it all over the walls. As ldquo;animating and life-affirmingrdquo; as this yearrsquo;s winning color may be, coral is still a bold choice for such a broad expanse.Wallpaper that features the huemdash;especially in a temporary version like this WallPops NuWallpaper Coral Grove Peel amp; ...

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Holiday Hosting Tips for First-Timers
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Donrsquo;t try to do everything yourselfThe key to successful hosting is knowing when to say ldquo;when,rdquo; and accepting help when its offered. Remember this when you start to worry about delegating too much: just because yoursquo;re hosting doesnrsquo;t mean you shouldnrsquo;t get to have fun, too. Plus, if you spend the whole time in the kitchen, your guests wonrsquo;t get to see youmdash;and that defeats the purpose of them coming over in the first place.Do what you can ahead of timeIf ev...

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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Countertop Based 0n 6 Key Variables
Written By: Fixr

6 variables to considerWhen planning your kitchen, you need to be aware of certain factors when it comes to the type of your countertop. To streamline the selection process, Fixr created the below two graphics using 6 key variables. The same 6 variables were considered in both graphics, however, the focus changes depending on the graphic which will be explained further in each section.Installation is one of the first factors; can the contractor access your house with the delivery vehicle and is ...

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Perhaps Its Time for Some RESPA Reminders
Written By: Bob Hunt

In 1974 Congress enacted the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act, commonly known as RESPA. The provisions of RESPA were intended to protect consumers during the home purchase process. Its two main areas of emphasis were 1 the provision of disclosures regarding settlement closing costs, and 2 the prohibition of kickbacks or referral fees that unnecessarily increase closing costs. Section 8 of RESPA makes it illegal, except for limited specified exceptions, to give someone money or any other...

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New Windows Changed My House - and My Mind
Written By: Lea Schneider

It was exciting to contemplate city life after living in smaller towns. Apparently, everyone else thought so too, because by the time I decided I liked a house, it was gone from the market.Between struggling with a tight real estate market and shopping from across the country, it wasnt easy to find a house. While the city offers the charm of older neighborhoods and homes of by-gone eras, it also means that you can be pretty sure that youll be remodeling something.Thats how my window struggle cam...

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4 Essentials for Building a Home Office
Written By: Alex Haslam

The key to staying efficient and on-task is to set up your own dedicated workspace. If yoursquo;ll be working at home, building a home office helps create an environment of productivity and replicate a traditional office feeling within your own home. Of course, you should consider a few essentials when setting up an office of your own.LightingAccording to some sources, the fluorescent lights many traditional office buildings use can be damaging to your eyes. When designing your own office space,...

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The Best Holiday Gifts 25 And Under Can Buy
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag, 16.50Is it a plastic bag? No, itrsquo;s a glass piece created to look like a plastic bag. This is just the type of unique, kitschy gift your friend, colleague, or loved one willhellip;well, love.Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer, 25Letrsquo;s admit it. That constant stirring is the worst part about cooking, are we right? Anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen will appreciate this gift.Mood Ring Thermochromic iPhone Case, 17.98This just might make you wish you did...

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7 Model Home Ideas to Steal for Your Home
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Getting color ideasModel homes are ra>1 The color is by and large not used large scale, meaning, all the walls of every room wont typically be painted in bold or bright colors;2 The main color scheme generally flows from room to room. The shades and placement of color may be different, but there is a coherent look and feel throughout the home that makes it feel finished.If you want to introduce color without covering every surface, consider these tips from Lennar: "You can add color to a space w...

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Is Your Furnace Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality?
Written By: Fran J. Donegan

"Pollutants" is a broad term, and can include things like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and viruses, as well as gaseous pollutants like tobacco smoke and the off-gassing from paints, cleaning products and some building products. They can lead to headaches, dizziness, irritation of eyes, nose and throat, fatigue and more serious illnesses. If you experience these symptoms while in your house, but not when you are away from home, indoor pollutants may be the cause.The best solution is to rem...

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6 Reasons to Adopt a Green Lifestyle
Written By: Michael Tamez and Jeff Wilson

According to the United Nations, a whirlwind of issues, many of which are likely caused by man, threaten to harm our precious Earth in irreversible ways. From greenhouse gas emissions to air pollution, deforestation, and issues with water and waste, the human impact on our planet has become real. And if we donrsquo;t change, we face both unintended and potentially permanent consequences.According to most experts, the biggest issue we face is climate change. Although the Earthrsquo;s temperature ...

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Allowing a Lender to Cross Collateralize Against Additional Property
Written By: Edward Brown

In many cases, this cross collateralization may not be something the borrower worries about, as the borrower intends to pay the lender in full. The general plan is for the borrower to refinance the target property at anbsp;point where a new lender does not require cross collateralization, pay off the existing lender, and the existing lender >The danger here is that the lender may hold up the sale because it does not want to >Now, letrsquo;s say that the borrower receives an unsolicited offer for...

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Looking for a Bargain? Put on That Winter Jacket and Go Buy a Home Before the Spring Thaw
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Jeff LaGrange, Vice President of the RE/MAX Northern Illinois Region, explained that, ldquo;In the Midwest, homes that go under contract in November, December and January usually are offered by highly motivated sellers. In spring and summer, purchasers may pay a premium because they compete with many other buyers. Less competition in winter means prices typically donrsquo;t include that premium, and sellers frequently are more flexible about price and other terms.rdquo;Itrsquo;s that flexibility...

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The Power of Staging Your Home to Sell
Written By: Saul Klein

Accentuate the PositiveWhen studying a room, the first point your eye catches should be a positive one. For example, a home with a massive fireplace commands the first attention spot. However, poor placement of furniture, too many "comfy" afghans and plenty of books and magazines will distort the simplicity of the rooms greatest asset. Add last nights empty pizza box and full ashtrays and any prospective buyer will less appreciate the fine points the home would have offered.Here is a list of ten...

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Season of Giving Kicks Off with Agent-Driven Donations to Local Nonprofits
Written By: Realty Times

Kellie Bradt of RG Realty Group in Coon Rapids, MN has made a generous donation to Brothers Empowered on behalf of her clients, Krystyana and Jeremy Bolz.Michelle Ratajczak of James amp; Less Realty in Virginia Beach, VA has generously donated to the Alzheimerrsquo;s Association of Southeastern Virginia on behalf of her clients Marcia McGrath and Edith Greene.James Potenza of Texas Buyer Realty LLC in Pearland, TX donated to St. Helen Catholic School on behalf of his client, Shelly Potenza.Quinl...

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Quinlan Realtys Broker, Craig Carr, Generously Donates to Local Nonprofits
Written By: Realty Times

Quinlan Realty in Creve Coeur, MO has generously made 2 donations thanks to distinguished Broker with Heart, Craig Carr.Craig has made a generous donation to Generation Rescue Inc. on behalf of his clients, Carrie and Craig Roland, and made a second donation to the Buddy Fund on behalf of his clients, Meron Haile and Meron Gebre.ldquo;All of us at PinRaise do not have enough great things to say about Craig Carr,rdquo; says Mr. John Giaimo, President of PinRaise. ldquo;Not only is he a joy to wor...

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Why Do Lenders Sell Loans?...
When you first work with your loan officer very early on in the process, yoursquo;ll soon es...

The Tell Tale Signs it is Ti...
Insufficient Living Space - A growing family, for example, would require m...

17 Ways to Increase Your Sto...
1. Between the studsPut the space between studs to work by tucking open display she...

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